The International Dermatology Institute ( IDI )

Through its strategic partnership with the Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology at TRI-Princeton and the Center for Dermal Research (CDR),  DermaNest is establishing the International Dermatology Institute (IDI) on the TRI Campus.


The TRI/Princeton Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology enhances TRI’s long standing research and education endeavors by remaining dedicated to the advancement of science, enhancement of innovation and contributions to society through the study of skin’s structure, behavior and normal variability, delivering results whose implementation enable the ultimate goal of personally directed approaches to skin protection and repair.



The TRI/Princeton Center for Skin Science & Applied Dermatology is an opportunity for the Institute to inspire, educate and further enhance its contributions to society. With this new center, TRI looks to develop a better knowledge of the structure, organization and behavior of the body’s largest organ, skin. Researchers within the center seek to gain insights into how human skin is structured and how it functions based on a genetic predisposition and the variations that occur from age, disease or from the impact of the environment over a lifetime (epigenetics). TRI is setting out to better measure and characterize these variations and in so doing establish a more personal approach to skin science.

The CDR, on the Rutgers campus in Piscataway, New Jersey, offers professional development opportunities for its paid industrial members, networking with researchers from industry and academia, research collaborations with the Laboratory for Drug Delivery, connections with other faculty and research groups conducting skin research. The CDR is the first dermatopharmaceutics research center in New Jersey conducting studies on topical and transdermal compound delivery, skin biology and skin tissue engineering. The CDR provides quality educational opportunities for its members through workshops, seminar series, symposia and courses.



IDI will offer dermatology focused start-up companies from around the world the opportunity to effectively advance their business, especially in the US. By leveraging the services of DermaNest and the TRI Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology, small companies can locate themselves within, and receive services from, the IDI on the Princeton, NJ based TRI Campus. The Princeton area is the heart of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech, drug discovery and life-sciences ecosystem in the world, and also includes the headquarters and laboratories of the world class skin care, cosmeticeutical and wound-care companies.



TRI, CDR and DermaNest share the common mission of aiding organizations in the development of personalized dermatology and cosmetics by providing technical solutions that include predictive diagnostics, imaging devices and therapeutic methods for the advanced dermatological, cosmetic, and wound care markets.


As part of IDI, an emerging business will gain momentum in developing their high growth market(s), be supported by necessary services and be given lead opportunities into key networks at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative approaches. Overall IDI supports its member clients and aids them in addressing the complex challenges of the US market.



The IDI Model


The development of a proper US presence and a meaningful marketplace application is key to the early success of any advanced technical venture. Through IDI and fueled by extensive knowledge of the market and demonstrated capabilities from TRI and DermaNest, an IDI member client will be able to leverage its technology to create and/or validate innovative applications.


With activities ranging from technology development, strategic positioning, benchmarking, high level introductions and supported promotional events, IDI enhances a member client’s developments and converts them into to real market value.


In addition to supplying necessary services through IDI, experts from DermaNest and TRI will support the commercialization process in a highly collaborative way by enhancing innovation and customer interactions.


Even after commercial success, the team of experts from IDI will continue to follow up and expand further collaborative interactions and market potential, provide repeat sales support and aid the building of US and internationally based references.