Ask us about the launch of the 

International Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology

In Princeton, NJ

Our Team

Our Team is a combination of industry experts and savy technology exeprts who combine their skills to define applications to address industry and market unmet needs.

Our team is reinforced by a panel of Industry and Scientific Advisors.

Industry and Technology Experts:

Marie-Alice Dibon, Pharm.D., San Francisco, CA

Marie Alice is a Pharmacist with an extensive experience in cosmetic, OTC, medical devices product development, manufacturing and controls, with a focus on business and brand development for very innovative technologies. Marie-Alice’s extensive networks in the Life-Science industry and in particular the Cosmetic industry in the West Coast enable her to accelerate the identification and further development of relevant partnership and commercial opportunities for innovative technologies.

Nena Golubovic-Liakopoulos, Ph.D, Princeton, NJ 

Nena’s passion for leveraging innovative technologies to enable unique product solutions resulted in several new medical device/drug-device combinations for diagnostics and advanced therapies.  In early years of her career (1998-2003) Nena was engaged in solving engineering problems, generating research data and managing project activities to support technology implementation and product R&D. and has since then developed several ventures based on novel drug delivery strategies based on nanostructured materials, aimed at advanced therapies, including delivery of drugs via skin and mucosa.  

Susan Paquette, MS, MBA, Minneapolis, MN
Susan has over 25 years of experience in leadership positions at 3M related to the identification and championing of significant new growth platforms.  Susan most recently worked in 3M Health Care as Director of Commercialization.  In this role she worked with the Skin and Wound Care, Infection Prevention, Drug Delivery, Patient Assessment business units of 3M.  Susan has experience in business development, laboratory management, market development, product development and manufacturing support

Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D.Princeton, NJ
Former Chief Marketing Officer at General Electric and Leader of P&L Operations at GE Healthcare. Held several business, product and technology leadership roles with GE Clinical Services and GE Medical systems in 6 different European, American and Latin-American markets. Mathieu is on the Board of several high technololgy companies forcused on diagnostic and imaging and has access to numerous technology platform in multiple countrys through his leadership roles at MedNest and PharmaNest.

Jesse Weissman, Princeton, NJ

Expertise in all areas of skin imaging and clinical analysis with a focus on in-vivo measurement of skin color, pigmentation, and structural properties.  Strong track record of developing new instrumentation methods and translating measurement techniques and medical devices from the laboratory to a clinical setting for product testing and claims support. Former R&D leader at Unilever.

Advisory Board 

David Moore, Ph.D, Princeton, NJ
Intitute Fellow at the Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology, TRI-Princeton
Prior to his role at the Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermathology, David was Senior Director, Material Sciences at ISP ,  R&D Group Leader at Biophysical Actives Discovery Group and R&D leader at Unilever. David is DermaNest's Point of contact in the Long Term Strategic Partnership with TRI-Princeton and the related International Dermatology Institute.

Richard H. Wildnauer, Ph.D, MBA,
Richard was formerly president and CEO of NeoStrata Company and president of Baker Cummins/Dermablend, two dermatological/skincare companies.  Prior to these roles, Richard held both R&D and Business/Market Development executive positions at three J&J Operating Companies and in J&J Corporate as Corporate Vice President for Skin Care Technology and Chairman of the Skin Care Council of Research.