Ask us about the launch of the 

International Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology

In Princeton, NJ

Services and Business Model

Our mission is to develop the business of International Personalized Cosmetics and Skin-Care Solutions and Services for the US Markets.

We support our client-partners to address their most difficult challenges when entering the US Markets:

US-focused Application Development

The development of US-centric meaningful applications is a key to the early success of any venture. Fueled by its extensive knowledge of the Market and Industry unmet needs, DermaNest will leverage its client-partner technology to create and/or validate innovative applications.


Value Proposition Formulation

If needed, DermaNest will upgrade its Client value proposition to fit the purpose of its growth plans in the US, with activities ranging from strategic market positioning to pricing and marketing collateral creation.


Market Presence and Lead Generation

DermaNest will increase the market visibility of its clients with the execution synchronized and multi-touch point actions aiming at creating demand and generating meaningful commercial leads.


Market Evangelization

In order to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, DermaNest will design and execute Market Evangelization plans with activities ranging from focused groups with Key Opinion Leaders to Satellite Sessions at major Industry Meetings


Commercial Operations

Simply said, DermaNest's team will go and sell your product/solution. In fact, our commercial process is highly collaborative and focuses on developing innovative solutions with our client's customers. Our  scientific experts will initiate the commercial process, and opportunities will be develop and closed by our sales teams


Project Management

DermaNest's clients regularly count on us to follow up on commercial wins and ensure that the execution of a collaborative agreement is flawless. Project Management is particularly valuable at the very early stages of commercial growth, to secure repeat sales and strong US-based references.