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Below is a selection of projects, company profiles and case studies that illustrate the range of solutions that DermaNest brings to its partner clients.
Imaging Needs for Personalized Skin Care: An industry report

Imaging devices such as MRI’s, radiography and ultrasound are medical devices regularly used to help make diagnostics. What types of devices are used to analyze the skin and the face on a dermatological and esthetic point of view? Are there imaging systems to not only view skin lesions but also wrinkles, skin redness, acne and pores as well as vascular conditions? Are there non-invasive, easy to use camera systems? We have researched such systems and studied if they are used in research laboratories and clinics, available to customers in cosmetics points of sale or destined to consumers’ households. After making an inventory of latest devices we were able to segment the market and compare the systems according to the number of applications they present. Most systems are dermatoscopes, handheld, lighted magnifiers with a non polarized and polarized light source. The software is where they mostly differentiate themselves. Some can analyze your skin down to your fine lines, wrinkles, pores and sebum secretion while others concentrate on skin lesions, spots on the skin. What is the ideal imaging system and what are consumers today looking for?

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SGD: 3-Dimensional Network that Incorporates and Stabilizes Multiple Drugs or Active Compounds  of Various Physicochemical Properties  This unique topical and trans-dermal technology platform enables the development of formulations that are cosmetically attractive while incorporating, stabilizing, and releasing multiple actives or drugs. For pharmaceutical applications it enables the formulation of drug combinations that have not previously been possible generating possibilities to re-purpose products that have previously been used for the treatment of other diseases and/or have not been available for dermal line extensions.

Dermanest's role: to identify new Product opportunities and establish partnership to develop these news products and take them to market.


2D+ : Innovation in Cell Culturing Technology: 

This innovative 2D+ technology enables major improvements in culturing cells to increase assay reproducibility and reliability while improving the capacity to achieve a more physiological phenotype in cells cultured on 2D surfaces without resorting to a 3D culture system. Since each micro pattern is identical (hundreds per well), cells perform in a reproducible and consistent manner decreasing the use of primary cells and permitting less replicates per data point.  

Dermanest's role: to explore and identify innovative applications of this technology in the Skin Care / Cosmetology industry, and further develop innovative business models for this segment.


Imaging applied to Skin and Hair diagnostics

Skinlabs develops "point-of-sale" skin and hair imaging systems that can assist the evaluation and further management of skin and hair conditions. Their OEM/Custom mage products enable a more effective, consultative, personalized sales experience. More advanced products are used in clinical research to quantify skin condition / hair related outcomes.

Dermanest's role: to enhance the products features and user interface to better fit to the needs of the US markets. Establish "head-to-head" comparisons and validations against competitive ( and more expensive) approaches. To lead the commercial deployment in the USA.


Conception and manufacturing of innovative topical products

1-fois-1-jours develops and manufactures ( including OEM) a wide range of Spcialty Ingredients to cover a diverse range of applications and conditions such as anti-wrinkle, hair growth inhibitors, skin regeneration, anti-acne

Dermanest's role: to "sherpa" the leaders of the company to explore market opportunities in the USA.